How Long Does It Take To Build a Pool

Building a pool can be a rather simple process. With the right contractor(s) it can be done rather quickly and painlessly.  Unfortunately, in pool construction, finding the right contractor doesn’t always mean a smooth process.  There are many hurdles that may need to be overcome.  From the permit process, to the inspectors, to unstable soils conditions, and buried items underground, there are many things that could present themselves to you and delay the process. Typically, a basic pool and spa should take about a month and a half to two months to complete.  In some cases, pools can be built in 30 days or less, if all goes as planned.

Although building pool is a fairly straight forward process, many cities may have different codes to which each contractor must adapt to.  The Contractors State License Board (CSLB) does provide a set of standards for any contractor in the state of California to abide by.  However, they also leave jurisdiction to the individual city and county building departments to adapt the code to better suit the area the pool will be installed in.

Another aspect that could affect the time frame of construction is the complexity of the pool design.  The more details that are added to the design, the longer it will typically take.  Items like stacked stone, additional plumbing features, retaining walls, and concrete can add more time to the project if not already included in the original scope of work.

To see what is included in a typical scope of work, or to give you ideas on what to expect during the construction process, visit the following link: Pool Construction Process

The last thing that can, and usually will, add more time is the permit process.  Unless the contractor fails to file the correct paperwork or correctly submit the plans to the city/county building department, the permit process is unfortunately, at the hands, and in control of the building departments and building officials themselves.  Aside from paying expediting fees (which is still not a guarantee), there is not much that a contractor can do directly to expedite the process.

Wes Hansen
Hansen Pool Construction
Owner/Licensed Contractor